This course will explore the theological thought of the New Testament, trace the progression of thought beginning with Jesus, and seek to discover each writer's distinctive contribution to the overall message of the New Testament. Special attention will be given to the gospel of the kingdom as proclaimed and applied by the various biblical authors.

A study of the key theological concepts and important themes of the Old Testament with attention to the relation to the New Testament.

This course will focus on the development of a systematic approach to the interpretation of Scripture. While various critical-interpretive systems and strategies will be considered, special attention will be given to the historical-grammatical method. The predominant literary genres of the Bible will be examined and relevant principles of interpretation highlighted. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the original, intended meaning of Scripture in its canonical context as the basis upon which to prepare expositions and make appropriate contemporary applications.

This course will provide students with the tools for doctoral level research and opportunities for reflection on becoming scholar-pastor. Students are introduced to the conduct and reporting of scholarly theological research.